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At Montessori Early Learning ChildCare we focus on the Montessori approach whereby children’s social, emotional, physical, creative, and cognitive development in a holistic way by providing experiences in which children learn through a prepared environment with a wide range of activities to develop and build their mathematical, linguistic, sensorial, and practical life skills.

Our program is child-centered and classrooms are designed with the child at mind, everything is within reach of the child and furniture is sized for children to sit comfortably.Guides (teachers) carefully prepare the environment before the children arrive to provide an in-direct structure for children to go about their day. Children can explore and learn at their own pace and on their own terms.

We offer a wide range of practical innovative activities for our children. Exploring music and singing, gardening, sports, yoga and meditation, arts and crafts, practical life training, and how to care for the earth to name a few. Our activities are endless and offer a wide range of variety for children to explore and develop their interest. Our focus is to provide the child with practical life skills early on to develop an essential skill set for everyday life.

Academics are an important part of practical life but in addition to that, we offer activities that help children with everyday life. This includes but is not limited to pouring water, recycling bottles and paper, tying shoelaces, cleaning and setting a table, getting dressed, cleaning up after themselves, potty training, taking care of hygiene, and much more.