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Children playing and learning with montessori color tablets

Montessori is an approach that Maria Montessori created in the 20th century that recognizes young children are active learners, needing choice and independence, whilst being guided by a sensitive teacher who facilitates their learning by preparing an environment favorable to their development. The Montessori teachers are guides with a main role of unobtrusive director in the classroom as children engage in self-directed activity. Here at Montessori Early Learning Childcare our guides show the desired behaviour and use of Montessori materials to children.

The benefits of our program are endless but to name a few:

  • Hands on independent learning
  • Enhances social interaction
  • We are inclusive of special needs
  • Children learn through their minds and bodies
  • Great academic background provided to children
  • Children develop real life skills

At our centre children are given the freedom to choose what they work on, where they work, with whom they work, and for how long they work on any particular activity, all within the limits of the class rules.

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